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integrated with dedicated area on the portal. It provides a consistent outlook, access
control and procedures for multiple applications and databases for different entities.

UKAEGBU.com offers both business and personalized capabilities to its users by
providing a pathway to different contents. It is designed to use distributed
applications, various middleware and hardware to provide services from multiple
specialties. It offers sharing and collaboration capabilities.

Moreover, UKAEGBU.com is the web backbone which serves as the principal data
routes between strategically interconnected websites and networks. The platform
helps users to connect with people, ideas and share knowledge, news, and a lot more.

Our mission is to enhance and enlarge the knowledge base and expand productive
conversation among people.

One of our goals is to help learners located across the world to achieve their learning
aspirations. We do this by creating authentic academic lessons, educational videos,
webcasts and other visuals that would teach and/or aid in the learning process. Also,
we provide social media platforms where thought provoking social and academic
issues are discussed.

"Creating Boundless Learning Opportunities" is our mission. Support this project!
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