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PS-90: Standard Deviation 1

PS-89: Data Insufficiency 1

PS-88: Vector: Roller Coaster in Two-Dimensional Motion

PS-87: Aspect Ratio: Dimensions of a TV

PS-86: Value of nth term of set of numbers

PS-85: Momentum: Head-on Collision 1

PS-84: Impact of Force on Head-on Collision

PS-83: Number Pattern 1

PS-82: Pyramid 1

PS-81: Average Speed: Two or more speeds with same distance

PS-80: Different Possible Outcomes: License Plate

PS-79: Percent Increase After Discount

PS-78: Statistics 2: Median, Mean and Mode

PS-77: An object Thrown Vertically Upwards

PS-76: A Ball Fits Snugly into a Box

PS-75: Surface Area of a Ball vs. Cubical Box

PS-74: Celsius = Fahrenheit temperature at?

PS-73: Temperature Conversion 3: Celsius to Fahrenheit

PS-72: Campaign Donation

PS-71: Power

PS-70: Unit Conversion 1: From km/hour to feet/second

PS-69: Possible Outfit Combinations

PS-68: Surface Area 2: Rectangular Box

PS-67: Average 3: Computation of Exam Grade

PS-66: Measure of Central Tendency

PS-65: Mean when one Value is Removed

PS-64: Cost of Driving a Car in terms of Fuel and Distance

PS-63: Sum of successive even numbers

PS-62: Height Relative to Another

PS-61: Possible ways of arranging objects linearly

PS-60: Expected production from given input

PS-59: Permutation 1: Password formation

PS-58: Rates and Average 3

PS-57: Ball kicked at an angle (Projectile launched)

PS-56: Probability when two dice are rolled

PS-55: Percent and Average Combined

PS-54: Average 2: Computation of Grade

PS-53: Energy 1

PS-52: Combinations 1

PS-51: Does correct answer mean understanding of the mathematics?
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