"I have known Mr. Ukaegbu since 2003 as a member of the local chapter of
Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), a professional organization
where he served as Director of Communications and as a tutor/trainer in
computer science seminars held by the chapter. He has become a good
friend and superb to work with. He is creative, proactive, sophisticated, and
highly experienced in many areas, resourceful, a man of integrity."

Lee Willard, CPA, CMA, CFM, MSc (Accounting)
Financial and Tax Consultant
Enrolled Agent
California Real Estate Broker
"As a faculty member of the Computer Information Systems Department at
Davenport University, I have had Ukaegbu as a student in three of my
classes. He is very enthusiastic with regard to learning about Microsoft
Operating Systems and Computer Networking. Ukaegbu participates well in
classroom discussion, but his favorite part of class appears to be the
hands-on component. I know he is strongly motivated to work in the fields of
computer networking and systems development."

Nancy Hansen, CNA, CCNA, CCAI, MCP, Security +
Computer Information Systems Department Head and Faculty Member
Davenport University
Grand Rapids, Michigan
"I have known Ukaegbu for over 30 years and have followed with pleasure his
development and maturation to that of a young man with outstanding ability
and personality. Mr. Ukaegbu is versatile, yet focused with intellectual ability
that should place hime in the top 5 % of most cohorts of excellent students
and professional. His quantitative, aptitude and logic ability reasoning are
superior. Mr. Ukaegbu possesses excellent computer (and its ancillary
dexterity and skills. He designed the Igbere Progressive Association website
(www.ipaiinc.org) with composite creativity that visually reflects the
organization's cultural identity and image. I believe that he has great
dedication to a career in computer and technology. Mr. Ukaegbu is a bright,  
mature, articulate and personable young man who works with optimal
collegial spirit and respect for colleagues."

Kalu U. E. Ogbureke, DDS, FDSRCS, MSc, JD, DMSc, FCLM
Diplomate, American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology,
Professor and Department Chair,
Department of Oral Biology and Maxillofacial
School of Dentistry, Medical College of Georgia
"Mr. Ukaegbu Ukaegbu was a student in my "Teaching Secondary Reading"
lecture and methods course and my "Teaching Practice Seminar" in spring
2009. In both classes, Ukaegbu showed himself to be experienced and
knowledgeable candidate, and a well-liked leader among his colleagues. His
analysis and planning for instruction were confident. His written work was
skillful and comprehensive. According to his Host Teacher, his science and
math knowledge were deep and comprehensive. In addition to his leadership
in the credential program, Mr. Ukaegbu was active in his local community as
well as among his immigrant community. Mr. Ukaegbu is multilingual and
multicultural himself and so sensitive to the challenges of immigrant students.
At the same time, perhaps because of his success, he maintains the highest
performance expectation for his students and respects them by challenging

Jill A. Aguilar, PhD
Associate Professor
Teacher Education, College of Professional Studies,
California State University, Dominguez Hills
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